Borderline Beauty - Reshape Collection

A changing world demands a new perspective. What is deemed borderline today will be the beauty of the future. Trailblazing experimentalists venture beyond the boundaries of age, colour and shape, connecting real and virtual, future and past, human anatomy and android artifice, to create an unexpected, almost alien aesthetic.

Autumn/winter 2014 mark the experimentations of a new language of hair-shape. Pushing the boundaries of old beauty norms, shapes in hair are set in deliberate contrast against the form of the head shape to find surprising new lines of beauty.

In this collection, opposites attract.

Colour redefines the anatomy of shape through the contrast of light and shadow giving a new perception of colour in terms of placement and tone. From "dusty" brunettes, deep yellow "mustard" blond and "mat" cool reds create illusion of colour moving into the shadow. A pallet with gray as catalyst.

Is there beauty beyond the horizon? Yes, but not as we know it.