therapeia nioxinInspired by the science of skin care, Nioxin is able to offer advanced treatment against hair loss. As the facial skin, the scalp needs similar care .Our products are designed to strengthen, to nourish and to treat all hair from the root. Healthy hair is based on a healthy scalp. This is the secret of hair with richer , more dense appearance.

The Innovative three stage system of Nioxin , inspired by the science of skin care , cleanses, balances and heals the hair and scalp , for healthier, richer and thicker hair.

Nioxin offers:

  • Reduction of hair loss due to the breaking of hair
  • Thicker hair
  • Increasing the length of the hair
  • Strengthening the hair against damage
  • Removal of sebum which prevents the root from growing

A complete range of therapies , each with innovative technologies for the care of the scalp.