illumina 1Colour has come to light! Wella professionals presents the largest innovation in the field of professional dyes for the past 20 years, ILLUMINA COLOUR. The first hair dye that radiates in any light, allowing up to 70% more shine. Unparalleled hair protection thanks to revolutionary technology that protects micro light , the keratin cover of the hair in order to maintain clarity and to allow light to be reflected by giving us a bright, clear, permanent colour.

The new dye of Wella Professionals comes from the future: "We wanted to create a product that offers hair shine similar to the brightness that is found in only one place in the world, Los Angeles. This is the result of hair colour offered by Illumina Color ", says Global Creative Director of Wella Professionals, Josh Wood about the new creation of the company.

The professional dye Illumina Colour, consists of a series of clean, natural shades that offer hair amazing shine from within, under any light. The innovative composition provides 100% even coverage of white hair , giving the highest permanent colour results without compromising the health of the hair. " Illumina Colour, offers a glow that I have not seen" adds Josh Wood. "You have to try hard to find a new word to describe the effect offered by this product. It shines under every light! You have to see it to believe it".

So what is the element that makes the dye so unique? The outer layer of hair is transparent as nails and therefore, the situation is extremely important as it allows light to penetrate and reveal the true nuance of hair from within. However, debris, such as metals from the water, which can be left in the outer layer when washing your hair, can generate free radicals in the process of dyeing which damage the surface of the hair. When this occurs, the outer layer of the hair is no longer transparent, so the light can not penetrate or reflect the colour with the same intensity, which means that the hair becomes less shiny after 3 dyes with Illumina.illumina 3

It’s ILLUMINA COLOUR MICROLIGHT TECHNOLOGY that gives the answer: This is thanks to the micro particles which imprison tiny metal particles, thus reducing the wear of the surface and maintaining healthy and keeping the hair more transparent after dyeing. Result: hair with amazing shine and coverage of white hair, up to 100% with a pure colour effect!

Marios Christodoulou, Wella colour ambassador to Greece, says: "From the very first application, hair is brighter which the clients notice immediately and the quality of the hair is unmatched, as if you have applied moisturizing treatment to the hair.

illumina 2"Illumina 2 dye for women with obvious signs of aging , a dye that matches perfectly with the colours of the skin, eliminating every imperfection. It is as if you have had a Botox treatment! It is ideal for very damaged hair which regains its lost vitality and shine.

The Illumina colour is the new unseen beauty recipe for hair full of health which is obvious from its texture :


  • 10/10 consumers said that with ILLUMINA COLOUR they feel their hair healthier than usual
  • 8/10 consumers noticed more shine immediately after applying ILLUMINA COLOUR DYE