Preset Styles A selection of unique and stunning style variations.
  • New Trends

    Borderline Beauty - Reshape Collection

    A changing world demands a new perspective. What is deemed borderline today will be the beauty of the future. Trailblazing experimentalists venture beyond the boundaries of age, colour and shape, connecting real and virtual, future and past, human anatomy and android artifice, to create an unexpected, almost alien aesthetic.


  • illumina

    Colour has come to light! Wella professionals presents the largest innovation in the field of professional dyes for the past 20 years, ILLUMINA COLOUR. The first hair dye that radiates in any light, allowing up to 70% more shine. Unparalleled hair protection thanks to revolutionary technology that protects micro light , the keratin cover of the hair in order to maintain clarity and to allow light to be reflected by giving us a bright, clear, permanent colour.


  • Tips

    ♦ It is advised not to darken your hair more than 1-2 tones immediately after the summer, but gradually build up the colour. The tanning of the skin is still there for some time so the contrast with lighter shades of natural hair colour is essential.

    ♦ It is preferable to apply Wella Professional Coloursave System for ultimate hydration and protection of the colour ,the very same day of the colour treatment.

  • New products

    Wella SP Liquid Hair is a restructuring hair treatment which repairs, nourishes and protects fragile hair types.